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Fully Auto-cone Dyeing Production Line


Release date:[2012/5/20 8:42:44]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


Superior performance
●Digitization and intelligentize central control system.
●Online detecting,hing intelligence and precision control for the dyeing line.
●Intellige logistics.transfer car and nopower roller with mechanical can match the robot to completethe yarn automatic

 shipping and handing between each station.
●Online intelligence equipment to regulate humidity of yarn. To overcome the impact of environment change on the moisture-regain of yarn,lower the re-dyeing rate and reduce the repeated consumption of energy and resources.
●Special robot for yarn loading and unloading.Do job such as yarn loading and unloading,yarn pressing,lock installation and un-installation,etc,to liberate labor.
●Automatic system to measure and deliver dyestuff and assistant.Precise measurement and assistant,to avoid weighting error and miscarriage by manual.
●Prominent improve one round dyeing FPY and reduce production cost.
●Eliminating the impact of human factor furthest,with significant economic benefits.
●Smart microwave drying equipment.to achieve faster ,low temperature,high efficiency and even dying.
●Enery saving and consumption reduced.dyeing machine cylinder with a special coating;heat recovery system;condensed water.cooling wate recovery system;recycle condensation water,coolingwater of about 7 tons,save1.7tons of steam when dye 1ton of yaen.
●Clean precision .For worker,there is no direcr touch on dyestuffs/assistants and exposal to on-site environmental pollution.
●High precision weighing.Weighing tolerance 0.01g,liquid assistant distribute tolerance 0.5%,powder assistant distribute tolerance 0.2kg.
●The precision position of logistice system. The positioning tolerance of the transfer car and auto-crane is 5mm,the robot 0.25mm.
●Throgh the locating device of the sensor to achieve the precision control WSAD
●Unmanned operation in dyeing workshop.1woeker in central control room can operate the whole production line.

Superior service
●Provide complete plant for different scale.
●Provide singe functionality equipment.
●Provide service of remould and upgrade of the auto-production-line base on existing production.
●Provide service of remote diagnose on control system,solve the problem

of error effect production in time.



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