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 semi-automatic proportioning machine


Release date:[2012/5/20 8:49:59]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


System Characteristics
• computer controlled, with automatic weighing programs
Recipe of input, add, edit and modify etc function; Barcode confirm function, instructions of the dyestuff and chemicals can effectively reduce the wrong measures, only when the weighing value is up to the set range, program can continue to run.
• high precision electronic scale, measurement accuracy
Design of combination with precision big and small scales, and the accuracy is 0.01 grams, the biggest weighin range is 32 Kg;
• Dust collection system, improve the working environment
The upper part of the electronic scale with mouth aspiration, the floating dyestuff during the weighing process enters the dust collection devices through the airtight duct, reducing dust harm to human being and improving on-site working environment.
• Automatic protection device
To avoid accident harm of rotating process of the dye storage rack,set photoelectrical protection device. when the human body is passing over the allowed parts , storage rack will automatically stop to prevent occurrence of accidents.
• Design of multi-layers and places to save storage space
According to the different needs of users, with two specifications including 32&64 material places for the choice, greatly reduce space required for dyestuff placed.
• Historical memory function
Permanent memory function for recipes; memory function for memoring the results of weighing 15 days; easy to call and tracking.


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