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Release date:[2012/5/17 11:56:24]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


    Talent stratagem : amplify talent employ and cultivate potency dimension,strengthen learning organization construction,use competitive industry congregate talent,use high-tech project attract talent,use career and favourable work、living environment retain talent,try to build the atmosphere of “respect labour、respect knowledge、respect talent、respect invention”,actively build talent platroof of carve,guide high-tech management talent establish career during enterprise development,realize the enterprise target of win-win both enterprise and individual.
      Talent predominance : out group rely on the research platroof of “ShanDong Companion Group Academician Workstation” “ShanDong Prov. New Textile Material Engineering Technology Research Center” “ShanDong Prov. Enterprise Technology Development Center” “Textile Dyeing&Finishing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center”,insist on using career congregate talent,let variety of talent have opportunity to carve、have stage to work、have space to develop.
       Talent employ : insist on correct guidance of choosing a person for a job,according to the standard of combine ability with character、first is morality、professional antecedence,establish a talent growth platroof of equity、fairness、egality development.

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